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Category: Apparel & Footwear

Through years of research, we have developed advanced composites that absorb moisture, eliminate odor, kill bacteria and regulate body temperature. As a provider to some of the largest footwear and apparel companies in the world, our comfort technologies have proven themselves in the lab, in the harshest real-world conditions and in the marketplace.

Dryz Intellitemp® Coating

Dryz Intellitemp® Coating incorporates our temperature regulation, moisture management and antimicrobial technology into an ultra-thin medium, ideal for apparel and other flexible applications. The coating can be laminated to a wide range of fabrics and materials or used as a component layer.  

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DRYZ® Disposable Insoles

Trim-to-fit disposable inserts featuring Dryz Intellitemp® temperature regulation, moisture management and antimicrobial technology.  

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